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Using a Christmas Elf as a Witnessing Tool!


Come Back often (Dec. 2017) to read about his adventures. Come see him Decorating the Christmas Tree, Going To Church and So Much More!


Mike the Elf Riding Breyers Horse Bareback 2017 Mike the Elf Mounting 2017

Our small friend Mike is an Elf.
He doesn't like sitting on the Shelf!

For the next 12 Days
We will show you his Ways.

If you open the emails you might get a smile,
even if it last just look for a while.

Then go back to your usual reads,
and back to your usual needs.

Mike, each day, will visit again,
we so hope at his antics you will get a grin....


Elf From China 2 2017

Mike says he's from the North Pole, but the package he came in read China
We just let him believe he's from the cold, it makes him feel Christmasy and 'finer'.

He says he knows Santa and the Reindeer,
But we know that his life really began right here.

If you look at him, he always has this....grin?, smirk?, smile?
You just know that you keep an eye on him for a while.

To see what he's up to next,
stealing cookies or grabbing your best?

Is he just happy or up to something, could it be?,
stay tuned for a few days to see.

Is he a good guy or bad
or just a very active little ladd?

Read his adventures and decide for yourself,
one thing is for CERTAIN, he does NOT just sit on the shelf!

What Feats!? What Adventures!?, What Now!?
Is this active little Elf up to and how?!

Come back tomorrow and see,
He might make you smile and give you a bit of Christmas Elf Glee!


Elf On Bicycle 2017

Our Christmas Elf's name is Mike,
he likes to stay active and he has a Bike.

Mike likes to stay fit,
and to do that he rides it.

However, he rides fast and free!
He jumps over stumps, rocks and even that TREE!

He rides in traffic and does not stop,
and laughs at curbs and just 'bunny hops'!

We dress him in colors bright,
but what about when he rides at night!?

Will he make it to Christmas!?
Oh he must behave and ride safer to MISS THIS!

If you see him out there
Drive careful and beware!

On his bicycle he small and he's fast
and he is having such a blast!

Hopefully he will miss that next tree rut!
But for drivers out there he's a pain in the .... <beep!>

(no Elves or Bicycle were hurt during this photo what Mike does out on those trails, roads and paths, riding that bicycle, I am not responsible for THAT! The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)]break]


Elf on Direwolf 2017-12-14  Tabaliah

Mike loves certain shows so for him we bring them near.

We do not have a Dire Wolf, but we do have Tabaliah,
For Mike, this huge Dogs are a blast and let him feel, 'freea'!

They laughed and they played
It would have lasted all day!

However, Dire Wolves and Tabaliah can get rough
We waited for Mike to have Enough!

Finally we told him 'More? No."
He hated to stop, said he felt like John Snow.

But would Mike have come out alive,
or would he have to in the trash can take a dive.

If Tabaliah got wound up,
Mike would have fit into a cup!

Time to stop riding, "Get Off Elf!"

(no Elves nor the lovely Tabaliah, our German Shepherd Dog ( ) were hurt during this photo shooting....however, I know that Mike likes to play rough with our very big dogs when we are not looking..... WE ARE JUST NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT! The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Mike the Elf Riding Breyers Horse 2017

We live in NW SD where it snows
but out on his horse Mike still goes

He hoops and he hollors,
but he'll make no Rodeo dollars!

He rides both with saddle and bareback,
For riding he really has the nack!

Honestly though, he does not ride that well,
but to him we would never tell.

That smile on his mug
would melt if we told him he rides a plug!

It's Christmas, let him have his fun
But that old horse can't really even run!

(no Elves or Breyer's Horses were harmed during this photo shooting....however, I did hear Mike hollar, "YAAAAAHOOOOOO!" and the song, "The Buckin Horse" in the background, WE JUST CAN'T BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE THINGS MIKE DOES WHEN WE ARE NOT LOOKING! The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Elf Lottery Winner 2017


Mike bought a ticket one day,
and now he sits on his money like hay!

He has such big plans
but does he understand?

You have to pay taxes and can only spend each dollar one time,
He counts and counts down to the last dime!

He talks of big houses and cars,
I even heard him talking about going to Bars.

I even saw him looking at Elf Pinup Tattoos,
Turn off the computer, Mike your Coo Coo!

He's gonna buy this, he's gonna buy that!
Let's Get Real! It's an Elf! HE CAN'T EVEN TAKE OFF HIS HAT!

(no Elves or money was harmed or missing while shooting these photos.....however, Mike was asking about getting pockets for his pants and I did see him looking at tattoos on the Internet of Female Elf Pinups....and even Stuffed Elves that are GIRLS! I JUST WON'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF..... The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)

Elf Shopping 2017-11-23


Our Active Elf went the Mall
He wanted to see Santa and All!

He shops and buys nothing
He said he was going to TAKE something, I thought he was bluffing!

Oh this Elf and his mind,
All the others of his kind....

Are sitting on Shelves
and such good little Elves!

Why did I think that an Active Elf idea was so good?,
He wants to run all over the 'hood!

Out to the car we will go,
and home in a bit, and I will say, 'NO!'

This Elf has to learn,
or we're all going to burn!

No more shopping with him for me,
Sorry no more treats or gifts to see!

(no Elves or Stores were harmed or robbed during this photo shooting....Mike did ask to use the bathroom and disappear for about an hour.....I did not put those pockets in his pants like he asked so I can't image he.....I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS OF THIS ELF! ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that Marna Kazmaier.)




It's Deron's Train really,
but Mike says that's silly.

It is Mike's size indeed,
He wants to play with them, let him be.

So he runs it around and around and around on the track,
til the noise just makes you want to attack.

Mike looked like 'Sheldon Cooper' for sure,
So we sat and watched and just endured.

And then it 'hits you'....with the train making noise,
you surely know where the boy is.

So keep this in mind when your children are playing,
when they are loud you know where and what they are up to and baying.

We let Mike enjoy the Train at Christmas time,
And sometimes we don't even mind.

(no Elves or Christmas Train parts were injured during this photo shoot. However, I did hear the Whistle Blow REALLY Loud, then heard something crash and loud laughing coming from around the Christmas Tree. WHAT HAPPENED???? Sometimes it is better if we do not know! ~ (train sizes, Z and N) The silly photos, bad rhymes and story lines, yeah, <said like Eeyore> I am responsible for that ~ Marna Kazmaier)


Elf Christams Tree Decorating 2017

It's a small tree for sure,
but it fit through our door.

The ornaments are Mike sized so he can handle them well,
hopefully when he finishes no one can tell.

That an Active Elf was so busy,
decorating the Christmas tree in such a big hissy.

On TV he saw that they eat cookies as they work,
but too much sugar and he goes berserk!

The Tinsel and Trim would then become crossed,
While he would love it for sure, it would need to be tossed!

Some of the ornaments are glass,
Luckily, non breakable in a large mass.

He wants pinecones and garlin,
strings of popcorn, lights and shells from the Marlin!

He loved decorating indeed and and wants to keep the tree up all year,
The truth is we will pack HIM away when it comes time and CHEER!

(No Elves or Christmas Tress and or Christmas Ornaments were harmed during the photo shoot...... Now? After? When I heard Mike in there moving ornaments around????? Who Knows! Oh That Active Elf!!!!! I told Deron.....if he breaks an ornament you love, if he breaks..... I am not responsible for THAT! ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that Marna Kazmaier.)


Christmas Elf Tractor 2017

We sent Mike out to the Tractor for chores
We wished we would have instead stuffed him with s'mores!

It would have been better and safer for sure,
all this havoc not sure that I can endure!

He was sent to feed hay,
but in fact he was all about play!

Driving that Tractor too FAST
We guess he thought his fun would Last!

But Deron ran after him to see
and quickly caught up and turned off the key!

The animals all relaxed and started eating around,
They did keep an eye for the Elf to be found!

(OH THAT ELF! MY FLOWERS! My Geese were running and screaming and..... and the hay he was suppose to feed!? Where is the hay!?.... No. Not really. No Elves or Tractors or Geese or anything or anyone else were hurt during the photo after! I am just not sure!.....I am not responsible for THAT ELF and the mischief he gets into off the clock! ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)

Elf In Purse 2017


One day I was looking for Mike
I thought he was out for a Hike.

I looked and I looked and I called,
I was afraid he might have been mauled.

Where was that young Elf,
Why can't he just sit on a Shelf?!

As it turns out, he was inside my purse,
If he steels he might be needing a hearse!

He got into my make up, he tried it all out,
When will his smile turn into a POUT!

I grabbed all my stuff and packed it back up with care,
Oh my my, PLEASE no one else give this little Elf a 'Double Dare'!

(Oh This Elf! "Sit On A Shelf", I tell him. "Like a good little Elf." I say. ~NO! He has to be running around and in to everything......If he gets into my purse or my make up again......'Dress Like a Pirate." he says, "I need make up for that." He whines. I will not be responsible for what I do.....I mean.....I can not be responsible for what might happen to him if he gets into things like this again! ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Elf Cookies 2017-12-23

Who at Christmas does not eat hot cookies and drink hot cocoa?
We offered some to Mike and then added a Ho Ho.

He not only spilled it, he made such a mess,
I had to change clothes and take off my dress!

There was chocolate and marshmallows on all the walls,
It was everywhere, such a mess and in all.

The hot chocolate ran down and all the floor,
Oh my goodness, it went UNDER the door!

Then he ran through it,
he was laughing, HE'S SUCH A DIT!

And off with the cookies he ran,
No more for him, he is ban!

Now bathes are in order,
I need to place him behind brick and morter!

(OH! NO! Do these elves wash!??? Can you give them a bath!? We just can not be held responsible for the mess this Elf eats and puts his feet Hot Cocoa. No. No Elves or Cups or Saucers were harmed during the photo shoot.....AFTERWARDS HOWEVER~ Why did he think a Hot Bath in Cocoa was a good idea!!?? ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Mike the Elf Goes To Church

Some people you can dress up and take places
however they are never going to lace up their laces.

That silly grin that Mike displays
Makes everyone think he is happy this day!

He did take his Bible,
hope he sits for the Revival.

He sang and and did clap,
He was such a good Chap!

But when the Offering Plate came by,
We both kept a very keen eye.

His hand did go in it and linger,
But really?, since he has no fingers...

The cash made it by,
we let out a relieved sigh!

Oh No! They are having The Lord Supper Today!
We picked him up and headed for the bay!

Why take a chance,
And he had on new pants!

Next week we will give it another go,
Let's hope he sits still for the whole show.

(How did Mike behave in Church?, REALLY NICELY! I think the Lord shook him a bit. I am not sure however where he got that pen..... just not sure..... I claim that I am not responsible for missing pens off the back of pews at Church...... ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Elf Nativity

Christmas began and is about Christ
Even though the stores and sellers gave it a heist.

The Lord should be centered and found in your heart,
Even for the mischievous, a good place to start.

Everyone should now know,
And 'Jesus is the Reason' should show.

Trees, Trains, Wreaths, and Elves,
Is just a distraction and for fun, nothing else.

Mike thought he was Special and a Big Christmas Deal,
til he found out about Baby Jesus and then he did Kneel.

Now Mike was all humbled and quite and nice,
Now when Christmas comes he thinks about the Lord more than twice!

(Mike is a good guy. He really is. Like you and I, he sins. He is mischievous and can be sneaky. But then as Andy Anderson, our Minister says....."Good people do not go to Heaven and Bad People Go To Hell. Forgiven People go to Heaven and those that have not excepted Christ as their Savior go to Hell." MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD SAVIOR! The choice is up to YOU.) Thank you for all your kind notes and encouragements on 'The Adventures of An Active Elf'. We had fun setting it all up and taking photos and writing silly poems. MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! Marna (and Deron) Kazmaier


Elf Elves Cycling 2017

For Christmas I bought Mike a little Girl Elf.
Maybe with her he'll spend more time on the shelf.

For Christmas he bought her a new pink bike,
I saw the card and it said, 'Love Mike'.

I'm just a bit worried about the way that she dresses,
I just hope the two of them do NOT get into messes.

She's more worldly than he, that's for sure,
I hope their relationship can endure.

For years and lots of Christmas' to come,
together they can Christmas Carols hum.

He won't be so lonely all packed away,
Sitting and waiting for December Decorating Day.

So good night to Mike and to his new girlfriend so tall,
I hope they have a nice Spring, Summer and Fall!

(Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, the New Year is coming so quickly! When I put away the Christmas Decorations this year, I will have to find a new place to store all the new elves and small bicycles and all this other 'elf stuff'! While they are packed away, and what Mike and the other elves do all year.....I am NOT responsible for that ~The silly photos, bad rhymes and story line....<said like Eeyore> yeah, I am responsible for that. Marna Kazmaier)


Elf Sexy Hotel

Mike's New Years Eve

Happy New Year's Eve!
What will an Elf do, can you conceive?

He thought well ahead
and is staying over in a room with a bed.

Thank Goodness he won't be out riding his Bike,
A New Year coming and then more of Mike!

If your New Years Party includes food and drink,
Then like this Elf, THINK!

Get a Room, spend the night,
Live to see the next light.

From us have a Happy and Prosperous New Year,
Hopefully the time of no more Elf emails for you is here!


Valentine Elves Group Ride 2018

What is that KNOCKING and who is shouting the word 'HOLIDAY'!
"Let us out, Open Up!" I keep hearing from the hallway.

"On the Internet I ordered a New Bike Built for Two,
Let us out, It's Valentine's Day, Let us ride it, It's New!"

"We are not going to eat fatty foods or candy,
We want to stay fit, lose weight, to be dandy."

"So out with our friends on Valentine's Day,
Riding and having fun, and laughing all the way!"

So there you have it from Elves...
Who don't like to sit on shelves.

They are out and about and staying so fit,
Still at their New Year's Resolution nit.

How about YOU, are you Hanging In There Too,
The scale WILL be nicer to you if you do!

(Was THAT?? an Easter Bunny?? Did the Skeleton come out too!?? Are they all riding bicycles with the Christmas Elves????? IS THAT SANTA!???? I guess they all wanted out of the attic for some fun too!)

St. Pat's Day 2018

St. Pats Day Elf Leprechaun yeti donkeys 2018

Is that a Leprechaun and or an Elf?
Are both, again, off the Shelf?

YETI! Where did Yeti get a pet?
How will he hide with it, in a pen or a net?

The Lads need Green Donkey Tac,
To show off their rides for today, in fact.

But what do the donkey have to do with today,
My Leprechaun is attached to his, and I needed him and the Bray!

I love their sidekicks the donkeys so cute,
Shame that their Brays are Mute.

What are YOU planning this Holiday?
Something different? Wearing Green this Day?

Corned Beef, Cabbage and Carrots?
Eat them today with Green Bread and Enjoy It.

Everyone is Irish on March 17,
Some celebrate the Irish way, then on furniture they lean.

Kiss an Irishman, Wear Green, go to see the Parades!
Today is a fun and exciting, enjoy it a little more out of all this year's days!

(Why the Yeti and all the donkeys? My only St. Pat's Day Leprechaun is stuck on a platform with a donkey.....Mike, the Elf, has a Donkey, so why not????)

3 Elf Trouble

The contents of this page for Christmas Elves Elf is still under construction. Please check back again for more fun! Then, come back in 2018 where Mike will have a Friends Dave and Paul for TRIPLE The Trouble!

Elf Eating Dog Treats

THIS Adorable Photo was sent to me, and I asked permission to use it here, from one of our Puppy Buyers who's name is Linda. I LOVE THIS. Those Cookies, by the way, DOG Cookies!

-- The Bible Donkeys Team
Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:29:38 -0500

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