Doomsday Preppers

Deron and I live waaaaaaay out on the Prairie. Our closest neighbor is 9 miles, closest tree is 3 miles away, our mailbox is 6.4 miles, water - we haul - is approx 50 miles away, along with the grocery store.

Now let me back up and say that my parents were WWI children, and my dad fought in WWII. My dad was also a Boy Scout Master. We always had food in the house, lots and lots and lots of food. We always had extra stuff, like toilet paper and kotex and first aid, deodorant, creams, and stuff stashed. It was rotated in when new came through the door. So having a lot of food on hand is normal for me. In fact the first time I was in a friend's home as a kid and their food pantries and refrigerator was near empty, I was quite puzzled.

Deron and I have lived in Northern states for several, now we could call it, many, years. So we know that any winter a storm/blizzard could come and we not get out for a while. And we have been stuck here for over 7 1/2 weeks. So we have always kept a good supply of supplies on hand, including our animal's food. We also keep blankets and such in the truck along with flashlights, extra socks, water and such in the truck at all times..... we have broken down and needed them. Also, here in NW SD if a bad storm/blizzard comes they close the highways. Close them with gates.

We did not "get into" guns because we are afraid, but out here we could sure need them, we got into guns for the fun of Target Shooting. We are members of two shooting clubs. If Deron and I are dressed, we are carrying, yes, each of us. Why? Because we can. Because is trouble arises you can not tell trouble, "Wait right here, stand still, I have to go and get my gun." Because we have Rattle Snakes and Bob Cats and Mountain Lions and other predators out here and our lives and our own animals lives could depend on our own abilities. But also because it is our right to own and carry guns. (yes, we do have our conceal licensees). Deron does not always conceal his. Why? To desensitize the public to guns. Gays did not step out of the closet all at once, we did not see them making out on TV all at once, it was a slow thing.....just as we want our guns to be for people. Get them used to seeing Law Abiding Citizens carrying again......and I must add <she grins> where we live, most people own and carry or have at home guns and know how to use them.

I say all this to tell you about a conversation last night. It was Halloween and we went to some good friend's home for dinner and the show Doomsday Preppers. They had never seen he show and it is all new to us. Anyway, it is an interesting show. Makes one think. Our friend Larry is a Christian Gentleman, a Lifetime NRA Member and Shooting Instructor. So we often talk about guns. (we did some target shooting before dinner last night) Larry was telling us about a guy he knew that was prepared to the HILT! He had a big heavy Bug Out bag with stuff and guns and knives and..... Larry said, "...probably too heavy to carry 50 foot." As Larry told it, this guy was ready for almost anything. And then.......he died of a heart attach. Died.

So we sat down and watched two episodes of the show Doomsday Preppers. One of the things we talked about is how soooooo many people are "getting ready". Most are not sure for what. Most are not preparing for the same Doomsday, but they are gathering food, water, guns, ammo, ect. Why so many people? Larry made the comment "In their/our heart of hearts they know something is coming." A while back a guy on a Gun Show we watched said, "Oh they are coming, we do not know what they look like, but they are coming."

Last night on the show it said (in a written pop up) that 47% of people are starting to Prep. I wondered and asked Deron on the way home, Are other countries doing the same? Is it just the USA's time?

Have you read, every really studied, the last days in the Holy Bible? It talks about time like these. Deron and I have often wondered if it be the Holy Spirit that is stirring people (or simply a really bad pres that is destroying this country?) So my concern is that people are Prepping, and that is a good thing, a very good thing, but what about the after life? Are you preparing for that? Is your Bible ready to take with you if you Bug Out? And I will have to ask Larry if this guy he knew that spent so much time Prepping was prepared to meet the Lord. The very thing all of us should be doing, preparing for, on a daily basis.

-- The Bible Donkeys Team
Thu, 01 Nov 2012 13:07:51 -0400

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