Making Your Biblical Costumes

Breyer's Mary & Joseph

To dress as Mary for Church......start at Walmart. Many sell 5 yards of fabric on a bolt for $5. Get blue for Mary, brown for Joseph. Cut about 12" off end of the bolt, this will be your head piece. Then cut two other 4" pieces off the end of the fabric. One for your head the other for your waist. Cut the 12" head piece in half at the fold or there abouts, as in so that it is still 12" wide but shorter length so that it will cover your head and go down each arm almost to your elbows. Put the piece on first and measure just how much your should cut off. Take one 4" piece and cut it to size AFTER you have tied on end around your head as a headband. Fold the fabric in half longways so that it is about 2" wide. Leave about the same amount of fabric on the headband as you did for the head wrap.

Measure yourself from your neck to the floor. Fold the remaining fabric in half with each half being the length of your measurement. Cut the fabric, sew the hem and unselvage side as/if needed. Now fold the fabric so that it is folded in half, at your height, then folded again cross ways, that is not in half where your body will be, but folded so that each side of the costume, where your shoulders will be, are touching. Very carefully, and starting very small, cut a quarter moon, where your head will be. DO NOT CUT MUCH OR THE CIRCLE WILL BE HUGE AND TOO LARGE FOR YOUR NECK. Cut a very small amount, much smaller then you think you will need. You can always cut more, but you will not be able to add it back into the weave of the fabric if you first cut too much off. The circle, when cut out, should be just over the size of your neck size. Down the front or the outfit, from the top down, centered on your chest, cut about a 4" slit in the costume. This will let the costume go over your head leaving the neck looking nicer and more fitted.

When you put the costume over your head, tie it at the waist with the last 4" piece, folded over to about 2", then adjust the costume to look right around your body. Add your head piece and head band. From 10' away, you will look just like the audience thinks you should.

Breyer's Mary & Joseph Donkey 3 Breyer's Mary & Joseph Donkey

These simple Biblical looking outfits, clothes, costumes, can be made in any size you need. If you need to dress a baby doll as baby Jesus for the manger, or want to set up some Holiday Decor you could use this same design. Just use the dolls, child's, or adult's body size for the length and create your fun.

There ARE patterns a person can purchase for Biblical Costumes. You can find them in Fabric Stores or even Fabric Departments in several Department Stores. Usually around Halloween the stores put them on sale. If you are going to need the outfits for Christmas Plays, you might want to get started around the end of October anyway.

-- The Bible Donkeys Team
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 13:48:37 -0500

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