Sayings From the Bible

The contents of this page for Sayings From the Bible is still under construction. If you know of other "old sayings" or quotes, please email us.

If you check our references and it does not read the same, please check other Bible Versions. This is a conglomeration of the sayings I have found so far in my own Bible reading.

"Kiss of Death" Matt 26:48 as well as Mark 14:44
"Eat, Drink and be Merry" I Kings 4:20
"Ebenezer Stone" I Samuel 7:12
"Land of Goshen" Gen 47:6
"Good Guy on the White Horse" Revelation 6:2
"A little bird told me" Ecclesiastes 10:20
"Written in Stone" Deuteronomy 4:13
"Apple of His eye" Zechariah 2:8 and Deuteronomy 32:10
"Wind in their wings" Zechariah 5:9
"Hand writing on the wall" Daniel 5:5
"Laying out the fleece" Judges 6:36 - 40
"Scapegoat" Leviticus 6:10
"Get your house in Order" II Samuel 17:23
"Skin of my teeth" Job 19:20
"Without sin throw the first stone" John 8:7
"Can a Leopard change it's spots?" Jeremiah 13:23
"Hung like a horse" Ezekiel 23:20
"Parting Gifts" Micah 1:14
"Give up the ghost" (KJV) Genesis 25:17 - 18
"Once and for all" Hebrews 9:12
"Is the Lord's arm too short?" Numbers 11:23
"Took my life in my hands" Judges 12:3
"Rid the Earth of you" II Samuel 4:11
"Hole in your pockets" Haggai 1:6

The other day I was milking one of my goats and the milk was flowing. It was warmer out, then the usual NW SD USA February winter, and I told Deron it would be a good day to check his bees. Since I could see him walking over there from where I sat milking.....
The thought occured, "A land flowing with Milk and Honey" . That land would need to be full of great forage, not only for the goats to eat so they could be health and breed, but to be in up most health for the milk to flow. I have been blessed with the goats we have owned, but I do know folks that have had does that did/do not flow when milking. It also takes a lot of good water for the goats to produce milk.
Then the bees will need a good warm area with lots of pollen to produce honey. I don't know much about honey bees yet. Deron does and is educating me. LOL But bees even work in the winter. They clean their hives, flap their wings to produce heat in the hive, to stay warm that is. When it is warmer they go on cleansing flights, ie, go out to poop.
Anyway, it sure make those words come more to life for me "land flowing with milk and honey" then it did before. It made it more beautiful in my mind too.

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