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Pull Ring (Blue) with Cord and Wooden Beads - Human SizePrice: $34.95  

These are REALLY Fun! They are Human Sized Blythe Pull Rings.....just for show. They clip to the back of your clothing to give the appearance of a Blythe Doll Pull Ring!


Each Pull Ring comes on a Nylon Cord with Large Wooden Beads.

This Pull Ring is Blue. Just a bit of fun in color. The back side is sanded.

Pull Ring Blue Back Side Close Up BeadsThese Wooden Beads seem to be a Stained In Color. The colors are Pink, Blue, Red. I am sure you could paint over them is you choose to, but I would sand them first.

Pull String on Deron The Nylon Cord is approx. 22" long. The knot at the Ring End is tied just like a Blythe Doll's Pull Ring has been tied since Kenner Blythe Dolls came out in 1972. You can shorten this string to the size you like, just untie either end, cut, burn the edge so that it does not fray, and retie into the end it came out of.

The 3D Printed Pull Rings are approx. 6.5" in Diameter, made close to the scale for Humans that the Blythe Doll's have on their own rings. They were Marna's own ORIGINAL idea and designed by and 3D Printed by Deron Kazmaier.

Pull String Clip for ShirtThe Clip is approx 3" by 2", rectangle, and made to easily clip to the back of clothing.

The Pull Ring in the First Photo shown on this page is the one that is for sale on this page. However, there (should be) others here with different Beads, so look around if these are not your favorite. We also offer these in many Colors as Custom Designed Pull Rings. There is a Sales Page just for that.

We are NOT responsible for damage to clothing that could occur to thin or loose woven fabrics. Nor are we responsible for people pulling on your ring.

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